Surya Wires


Galvanized Iron Wire
GI Wires are highly tensile metallic strands with a relatively longer length as compared to the diameter that can be used in various industrial applications. They are treated under hot dipped galvanized bath to provide extra strength and rigidity.
Binding Wires
Binding Wires are commonly used in the constructional fields for the bundling of iron TMT bars to provide better stability and uniformity within the structure. These cables are made up by using alloyed steel which imparts higher tensile strength. 
Earthing Coils
Earthing Coils are the protection elements that are used for the grounding of the low tension to high tension electrical systems. These conductive elements provides a path to transfer the stray current from the circuit to the ground to prevent damaging of the electric installations. 
Stay Wire (Stranded Wire)
Stay Wire (Stranded Wire) are galvanized steel wires that are especially designed for the heavy duty machineries use in the loading and unloading applications. The offered metal cables are highly tensile in nature with an excellent load bearing capacity. 
Chain Link Fence
Chain Link Fence are durable meshed structures that are commonly used to make protective fencing around a large area such as agricultural fields, constructional zones and government restricted areas. They are available in various different sizes as per the client’s demands. 
Barbed Wire
Barbed Wire is an especially designed metallic wired element which is provided with sharp and non-sterile thin sections that may cut the skin the skin. These are commonly used for the protection of the highly restricted areas to prevent trespassing.